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Oh I have been good! And bad about telling you about it.


I have gotten so much done this week. I have been doing indexing. I don’t know if I mentioned, but there is a point system on if you do a certain amount of indexing, based on the number of entries and the difficulty of the project, you get more points. Well…. when my husband realized there were points, game on… Not exactly fair to him right now because I don’t start work until Friday, but still. I am way ahead. For now…

I strive more for the accuracy percentage, so when I get one back with a poor percentage score, I go over it with a fine tooth comb. I have only disputed one so far, but I am so sure I am right, I hope it comes back corrected to the value I entered.

Now, the visit to my grandmother. Well, it was incredible. She’s an amazing lady. Adorable to the tip of her toes. She is 90 and the best word I can think to describe her is sprightly. Sadly, I didn’t learn as much as I head hoped to in the way of names and such, but I did get to meet my cousin that has provided me with a lot of great information for that side of the family. She is lovely, and I can’t wait to get to know her better. Her son is a little firecracker. Best of all, I met ┬ámy Aunt Joyce. I just felt like I was meeting someone I had known my whole life. We like the same books, have many of the same hobbies, I can even see a family resemblance, which shouldn’t be too surprising as she IS my aunt. She just blew me away. She’s smart and funny and she kept the conversation going and I just don’t think it would have gone as perfectly without her. The best thing though, after realizing about what her age must be, I was THRILLED. She looks amazing and I have the same skin tone as her. I definitely didn’t get the SKINNY gene from that side of the family, but if I got the SKIN gene, I am pretty happy with that!

I did give her the photo album that I mentioned I was making. She seemed to really like it, but the thing I will always remember is when she got to the page where her father’s World War I and II draft cards were, she traced her finger along his signature. Gave me goosebumps.

After teaching my class on Sunday, came home and had a consult with a sweet girl from the ward and her mom and brother. She is in Young Women’s so she can’t attend my class on Sundays, but I can work with her one on one. She was very bright and picked up on things so quickly. It was so refreshing to see a young girl like that wanting to learn family history. And her reasons, although personal, so I won’t share them here, just touched my heart. I hope to be spending many a Sunday afternoon teaching in my makeshift living room classroom!

Sorry for the delay in posts, but well, as you can tell, I sure have been busy. Going to work on my fan chart this weekend, and considering doing a Family History open house after church on Sunday, but I had better decide on that pretty quickly. Maybe next Sunday would be better for that.

For anyone in the class that might be reading this, Lillian already won some treats for this Sunday! Don’t forget to write down a memory of a person in your tree.


Too sick to even speak out loud, but still got my work done (except the kitchen)


But I still managed to get my husband’s name into, link it to mine and put in our wedding and sealing dates, etc.

That’s all the genealogy I did.

However, I did do three batches of indexing. Even in my day of complete silence, I was able to accomplish that. Some of the handwritten draft cards are harder to read than others. I hate it when I do a search and it absolutely doesn’t match even close to what I am reading. I am obsessed with getting a really high accuracy percentage.

Getting ready to do a family interview, so over the next couple of days, I will be entering in as much as I know about that particular line of the family. Going to compile my questions and write them on paper. I certainly don’t want to overwhelm her by recording her or typing every word she says.

Ah well, even though I just woke up from a nap 2 hours ago, I am still tired. Time to go to bed. Please oh please let me have my voice back tomorrow. Not being able to speak is really hard!

Starting at the beginning – my genealogy blog


There is definitely a beginning to a family history, but really no end. Considering how many ways we are all related, you could potentially go on forever by starting a new line once you have reached the end of the one you are working on.

There are many reasons for people to do research on their family history, but regardless of your reason, there are some tried and true methods. There are good websites and wastes of time. There are free and their are paid. I personally use a combination of both free and paid, and additionally, I use Family Tree Maker software.

The two primary sites I will be using are and

Over the years, I have actually made great strides in finding family members and adding them to my tree. That being said, I have made some grave (pardon the pun) mistakes. I have not cited my sources as I should, and starting today, I will be correcting that error.

Each name I put into the family tree, when I have a document to scan, I will do so, take the copy, 3 hole punch it and put it into a binder. On the website, since recent information is still susceptible to be used for identity theft, I will be keeping it private and in the binder. Anything from an ancestor that has passed on, I will be indexing and placing on the site for other ancestors to use for their research. On the website, for my own reference and for those that wish to research me when I pass on, I will be referencing a date and page number, so the book information can be printed.

The documentation I have on myself is fairly obvious, but I will be scanning and printing them anyway.

*Birth Certificate


*Baptism Certificate

*Marriage License

I have entered the information into However, I will be using concurrently. On, there is a place to add a story and facts. Since I had a few family changes during my childhood, I will be adding the information I can think of right now to “add a story.” Later, this may clear up confusion for future generations.

It’s a start!

Remember, cite your sources!!!