And this week I have been bad…


I have only indexed one batch this whole week, and I feel guilty about it.

I know there is a new app for indexing. Perhaps if it works for the Kindle Fire, I can start doing it at lunch at my desk.

If not, it may be time for me to get a smartphone. An hour commute to work in the morning on the metro, then 8-5, an hour commute home, that’s a lot of time I could spend indexing, when all I do now is sit and wait to get where I am going. Something to think about this weekend. Or, I suppose I could haul my laptop and do it offline at lunch. That’s a thought!

Well, I am going to do a batch right now, then get to my schoolwork. I think I may have over-committed a little with work, school, genealogy commitments, and service commitments. I don’t want anyone to think I am complaining. My life is pretty much perfect right now, I just need to get used to a faster pace.

On an unrelated note, my in laws may be coming for Thanksgiving this year. I want to make sure I know the National Archives like the back of my hand before that, so I can take my Mom in law. I think she would love it. She shares my love for genealogy, but she has much less time on her hands than I do. Even with that, she has provided me with a wealth of information that I will be indexing for years to come.

No ancestor will be found tonight. Still on cloud 9 about Mary, but tonight, sleep may be more important. After classwork… and indexing… and the dogs…. oh heavens… no sleep for me.


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