Getting ready for a family interview


First news today. I got a full time job. I start on the 13th. Genealogy will still also be a full time job, so I am going to be really super busy.

I will be meeting a family member for the first time ever next week. Actually two. An aunt and my paternal grandmother. This is good timing because I will be starting work on the 13th. I have somewhat of a family tree on her side, but I don’t know how accurate it is. It will be good to ask some questions, but since this is my first time meeting her, I need to make sure I don’t overwhelm her.

I asked my family history class to help me come up with some questions. I know the basics. I have to ask names and dates, but considering I have never known this side of the family, what I want more is stories.

So my ancestor of the day is Mary Elizabeth R. (Until I know she is comfortable, I won’t be sharing last names.) When doing genealogy, it is very important to protect the identity and privacy of the living. From what I can tell, she is the only daughter of 5 children. I am relatively certain of her parents names from a census report I found. I plan to print it out and show it to her to see if it’s accurate.

Friday, my printer and scanner are going to get a huge workout. I wonder if it would be inappropriate to bring my scanner with me. At least maybe I will bring my digital camera and get photos of whatever documents she might have to share. I printed out her mother Nellie’s birth record. I will bring copies of whatever I can for her, so it’s not just a one way interview.

I am going to need a bigger binder.

Going to do a batch or two of indexing before I hit the sack. Still sick so I am super tired. Too much to do tomorrow. Will still have time for a name. Tomorrow is Mary Elizabeth’s husband.

Wish me luck.


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